Play Backgammon online

Backgammon not only inspires young and old, it is a board game that can be played at any time. Playing backgammon online is therefore the ideal way to prove your skills and win one or two euros.

There are different ways to play backgammon on the internet, from flash games, to modern HTML5 applications in multiplayer mode, to Java applets that are loaded in the browser. Many online backgammon platforms offer their own application, which you download and install on your computer.

What is Internet Backgammon?

Analogous to the term online backgammon, Internet backgammon is also often referred to because the Internet is needed to connect at least two players. The Internet, i.e. the connection of several computers in a worldwide network, is only a means to an end, namely to provide a platform. There are different platforms or backgammon rooms where players from all over the world can meet to play backgammon. The procedure is as follows:

  1. A player connects his computer, tablet or smartphone to the Internet via a data line
  2. By calling up a platform and logging in to it, there is the possibility to meet other players as well
  3. If two players have found each other, they can start the game together
  4. After the game is started, the game logic on the platform ensures that the moves are coordinated one after the other
  5. At the same time the dice are rolled and the platform ensures that the game cannot be influenced
  6. Points or money will be credited to the winner and deducted from the virtual gaming account of the loser

How does online backgammon work?

Backgammon Online Spielen
Backgammon can also be played online on the Internet – the checkers or blots are displayed in the browser

Online backgammon is a form of playing backgammon on the Internet. A game is initiated on a server, which enables two players to play at the same time by synchronizing the players. The respective players take turns in the game, with each move usually being limited by a time limit. You place an initial bet to play and are assigned to an equally strong opponent. The dice are thrown randomly and the player makes his move. The field from the board is shown on the screen and the checkers can be moved with the mouse.

The other player is notified when it is his turn. As in a normal game, there is the possibility to double – but only to the maximum that is covered by the stake. If you win, the game ends and you can play again – either against the same player or someone else.

What should you pay attention to when playing online backgammon?

Online Backgammon gegen echte Gegner spielen
Play online backgammon against real opponents – lucky dice is also part of it

If you want to play backgammon online, you should find the platform on which the game is offered serious and you should be able to understand and operate the game. For this purpose it is helpful to read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and the manual. Afterwards the providers often offer a welcome bonus if you register. If you think the platform is not reputable, it is recommended not to deposit any bank details. However, with most providers it is necessary to deposit a credit card – for example with the provider Gameduell (long in the market and reputable). This is only used as a payment method if you want to play with stakes against other players and the starting capital is no longer available or could not be increased.

Besides the actual registration and playing on the online platform, it is useful to know the most common backgammon terms. This is helpful to find your way around faster and in communication with other players, so that you know what it is all about.

Best Backgammon Online Multiplayer

The game of backgammon not only inspires young and old – it always has a factor when it is not being played digitally: Two players. In Backgammon there is the possibility to play against each other, that’s what the game has been about for centuries, and brings joy to many people, regardless of their skill and knowledge of the game. If you play the game digitally, there is the possibility to play it against the computer with different levels of difficulty via a backgammon app.

However, if the backgammon game is played with several players online, it is called multiplayer – that is, if several (multi) players (players) can play together online. Usually this is organized on platforms in backgammon rooms, or at backgammon tables.

If you play online multiplayer backgammon at Gameduell, for example, the browser displays this as a backgammon lobby and you can see which tables are being played, or which tables are still unoccupied or looking for partners.


Backgammon Tische online

If you want to play backgammon online as a multiplayer game with friends, family or acquaintances, you first meet on a common platform, log in and then find a common table. The registration and the first backgammon games are free of charge. You can decide within the platform whether the game should be free for all players on the platform or only visible for your friends:

Backgammon Spiel online starten

Are you looking for a backgammon room that you can play backgammon with other players in multiplayer mode? With a gameduell account this is possible:

Play multiplayer backgammon now

Many platforms offer a backgammon game for real money. At the same time, however, many people are looking for a way to play backgammon online for free. With many providers, this is possible because a bonus is given for the first games when you register. If you want to play this in the browser, for example against a computer, then HTML5 Backgammon is suitable for this.

Besides these possibilities to play backgammon as a multiplayer, there is also the classic analog backgammon game in a backgammon case, which you can take with you on your travels to play backgammon in your free time. The principle is the same: Who first has all his checkers in the home board and can throw them out?


Where can you play online backgammon against real friends on the Internet?

Choose your fellow player from thousands of other players and show if you can apply the knowledge you have learned here. Online backgammon is ideal for this, first learn the backgammon game rules and the backgammon setup and then you can play backgammon online.

You already have experience in playing Backgammon and want to play against real people online? You know the rules and are looking for equal players?

Play online backgammon against real opponents

How do you get a suitable opponent?

The players in online backgammon can choose with whom you want to play. Thus, each player receives a rating in a scoring system, depending on how many games have already been won. This ensures that strong players can only play against players of equal skill. At the beginning a player has to prove his skills before he can play against top-class players. However, if one has won a few games, the personal rating is increased. On the other hand, if you are not very experienced, you will only be assigned suitable players to avoid spoiling the fun of the game. In all backgammon rooms you can expect to find suitable players.

Backgammon Spiel online starten

The screenshot shows how you can start a game online at Gameduell. There are various settings which also allow you to play against friends, choose the number of rounds and set the entry or win.

Can you play online with friends?

Regardless of skill, a player may also allow his opponent, provided that the opponent also plays stronger. It is therefore possible for two friends to meet at the same time in a backgammon room to play backgammon together. It is important to reject other players who also want to play in an open game.

You already have experience in playing Backgammon and want to play against real opponents online? You know the rules and are looking for equal opponents?

Play online backgammon against real opponents

Play online backgammon for free

So is it also possible to play online backgammon for free? If you only want to play backgammon for yourself, e.g. against a computer opponent, then backgammon apps are very well suited for this purpose, which do not cost anything, and in the free version may have advertising displayed. However, if you want to play online backgammon against other players, the platform is provided, maintained and paid out by the platform operators. Simple: There are costs for the operator. To cover these costs and to make a profit when players make a profit on the platform, a fee is often charged. There is the so-called freemium model, where the player can play on the backgammon platform for free, e.g. by means of a voucher or a welcome bonus and then has a paid account, or gives something to the operator based on the performance of the games won.

So at least at the beginning it is possible for the player to play free online backgammon against other opponents.

Where can you play free backgammon online?

On the page Backgammon Rooms are listed some backgammon rooms which are available on the internet. Depending on the entry bonus, it may be worthwhile to visit another backgammon room. In the meantime (2021) there are unfortunately not so many backgammon players left.

You already have experience in playing Backgammon and want to play against real opponents online? You know the rules and are looking for equal opponents?

Play online backgammon against real opponents

Play backgammon online in backgammon rooms

There were several backgammon rooms on the internet where you could play online against other backgammon players. The most famous backgammon rooms were: GameAccount, Play65, PartyGammon, BGRoom, Skill7, GammonEmpire, Backgammon masters, BeatYa, M2P or GameDuell

Play Skill7 Backgammon in the browser

Another popular platform for a long time was Skill7 with the browser game Backgammon. Unfortunately this platform was discontinued and is no longer available. A current and good alternative are the Facebook backgammon games, if you have a Facebook account, or to play directly at the providers of backgammon such as Gameduell.

Meanwhile (2020) the market has changed, many providers who have operated their own platform, now use Facebook (eg Lord of the Boards) as a way to offer the games. DailyGammon is an option which is also free of charge. Gameduell is one of the few providers who still operate a platform on which you can play backgammon online in multiplayer mode against each other.

Online Backgammon is of course attractive because you play against real opponents and you can see directly if and how well you can play backgammon yourself.

Play Best Backgammon online for free

Often backgammon rooms are searched in which you can play online backgammon for free. The motivation behind it is clearly visible – one wants to play a few backgammon games online with little equity – backgammon rooms in which it is possible to play for free, or a coupon or voucher is issued at the beginning, with which it is possible to play. Most of the time this is connected with the deposit of a credit card – even if you only gamble the regular starting capital.

Backgammon Tische online

In an online backgammon platform, games and players with other started games are shown. You can select an existing table and play along, or start your own table. If you don’t want to play against other players on a platform but only locally in the browser, the HTML5 backgammon game of Backgammon Master is suitable for this.

The providers of online backgammon offer a free entry to give even beginners a chance to get into the game. If you are clever and follow backgammon tactics, strategies and the dice theory, it is possible to either increase the initial capital, or to keep it at a certain level without bringing in any capital yourself.

You already have experience in playing Backgammon and want to play against real opponents online? You know the rules and are looking for equal opponents?

Play online backgammon against real opponents

Frequently asked questions about online backgammon

💰 What does online backgammon cost?

Usually all online backgammon rooms offer a welcome bonus, which allows you to play backgammon online for free at the beginning. You can play through the bonus, you will need to reload your account to continue playing for money, or you can win even more money on the first games and build on your existing balance. Each player decides for himself what he is willing to invest as a balance.

🌍 Can you play online backgammon for money?

In online backgammon, which is played for a stake, the game is automatically played for real money. There are certain rules to prevent gambling addiction and total loss. Backgammon is a special feature - the duration of the game prevents a quick win or loss, so it takes a certain amount of time to win or lose a stake. Learn more about playing backgammon for money here

👑 How do you win at online backgammon?

Is it possible to double down and play for stakes in Internet Backgammon?

What does it cost to play backgammon on the Internet?

The registration with an internet backgammon platform is free of charge. When you register, you will receive a credit that can be used to play against other players for money or a stake in the game. Backgammon is particularly suitable for this, since the stake can be doubled or scaled by the doubling cube. The correct use of the doubling cube in the form of a backgammon strategy requires this, of course.

Is it possible to play against real opponents on the Internet?

What is the difference between Internet Backgammon and Backgammon Apps?

A backgammon case offers the possibility to play backgammon with friends in real life, Internet backgammon is characterized by the fact that an Internet connection is required and through this connection you can play with other players in real time. The connection is used to transmit the opponent's move and thus the game can flow.

Since the introduction of smartphones and tablets, backgammon can be played on online platforms as well as through apps. Backgammon Apps are available for different operating systems such as iOS (Apple) or Android (Google).

Where can you play backgammon on the Internet?

There are different platforms on which it is possible to play backgammon on the Internet. A very well known and serious platform is Gameduell, which allows players not only to play backgammon, but also to experience other online games with other players. In the past it was often possible to play backgammo in an online casino, but this is rarely possible today. Backgammon is more like Mahjong or Solitaire, the lucky factor is only due to the dice. Besides luck, however, tactics, strategy and a little skill are also required to win at backgammon.

Play Backgammon at Gameduell now

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