Backgammon Etiquette

Especially the etiquette is important in backgammon so that no quarrels arise during the game and it is considered a fair game. There are rules you should follow to ensure a fair backgammon game. Of course the backgammon setup and the rules of the game are the basic requirements for a fair game.

Invalid roll & dice

A roll is void and must be repeated if the dice land in the player’s left side of the game, or if a die is not placed correctly and is still tilted.

A player must roll his dice in the field to his right.

Completing a move and playing it out

A player’s turn is not over until he has picked up his dice.

A player may not roll the dice until his opponent has completed his turn and picked up his dice. However, this rule is not strictly observed.

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Correcting wrong moves

Incorrect moves can still be corrected, but the correction should be made before the next player rolls the dice. All mistakes that were not corrected in time remain in play.

In online backgammon, etiquette must of course be observed, but in most online backgammon rooms it is often not possible to violate these rules. Here it is important not to be unfair in a chat and give your opponent time to play his move. Most of the time this is also limited by the program.

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Concentration ability with Backgammon

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