The Berlin-based GameDuell GmbH was founded in 2003 and offers various games on its online platform, which you can play alone or with friends for money without having to pay.

There is a large selection (over 70 different games) of card, dice, or board games, which have been digitized and can be played directly in the browser as an HTML5 game, so no download or installation is required. In 2020 the platform has over 130 million players, and operates the games in 7 different languages. Big games of Gameduell are Skat and Rummy, which are also played annually as tournaments.

In addition to the many skill games offered on various platforms (iOS, Android, Web, Desktop), Gameduell also offers online backgammon for free, but with the option of playing backgammon for money.

Backgammon from Gameduell

Gameduell Backgammon

The backgammon game of Gameduell is graphically elaborate and offers various possibilities to play online. There is the possibility to choose the color when starting a backgammon game, to make it only for you and your friends or open for all and to get only opponents with the same playing strength. The rounds in the match can be selected and the stake can be chosen to play backgammon for money.

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Play Gameduell for free

Gameduell is financed by the stake, which is partially paid to Gameduell when playing for money. Nevertheless, playing at Gameduell is free of charge, as you receive a bonus of €10 at the beginning. With this bonus you can play backgammon for free at first.

Besides the possibility to play backgammon at Gameduell, a number of other games are offered for free, so that you can also play popular online multiplayer games with the same account.


Gameduell Registrierung

How does registration with Gameduell work?

Registering with Gameduell is very easy. All you need is a player name (username), an e-mail address and a password for registration. The e-mail address should be a correct address, since it is used to restore the password and confirm the account in case of doubt. Once you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail - then the account is active and you can start playing.

How many players are there at Gameduell?

In total, the Gameduell platform has over 130 million registered players. Not all of them play backgammon, as Gameduell offers many more games, but there is an opposing player online at almost any time of day or night.

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