Backgammon Books

In addition to the Backgammon Masterclass, backgammon books are an excellent way to teach backgammon to yourself or to deepen your knowledge. Starting with the backgammon setup, over a strategy, up to the area of how to win backgammon. After reading a backgammon book, you can certainly play backgammon online.

At online booksellers like Amazon you can order books about backgammon from the comfort of your home and they will be delivered in the shortest possible time.

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Usually the common backgammon books cover the different game strategies, such as putting blots on top of each other, dice theory and explain the game from the ground up. A book is a good reference book for many players and also easier to consume than a screen.

The following books are recommended:

Magriel’s books are relatively expensive, but offer many illustrations and game situations. In addition, Magriel describes the game from all facets, both for the player and the hired player. Game strategy and psychology are just as important as rational decision-making. The books are often available in German and English.

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