Backgammon Masterclass

Backgammon Masterclass
The Backgammon Masterclass is for all those who want to take their backgammon skills to the next level and play backgammon like the pros and world champions, or play backgammon online for money. With the Backgammon Masterclass of Backgammon Master you will learn all the relevant information about the game of blots.

Learn from the best backgammon players

As with every thing you learn, it requires practice and experience, which you must gain while learning. There is no shortcut to this – however, the time required to gain experience can be made more intense and the learning curve can be increased by learning from experienced backgammon masters and players. Prerequisite for this is an openness and the will or ambition to improve your own game.

Masterclass to learn Backgammon

Backgammon Masterclass

Unfortunately, the Backgammon Masterclass is currently not accepting any new members.

This is necessary to maintain the quality standard and to be able to give the necessary time to every interested backgammon player. However, sign up for the free newsletter to find out when you can book the Masterclass:
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