How do you win at backgammon?

Are you annoyed about losing frequently in backgammon? The desire to master a game and to win in it often comes up with beginners, but also of course advanced players and professionals. Many occasional players are already challenged when setting up a game of backgammon. As an advanced player, you can do that in your blood. The difference between the different levels of play is often the experience of playing and the knowledge of different backgammon tactics. Apart from pure strategy, dice theory is an important component to be able to plausibly assess your own moves and the possibilities of your opponent.

What is the difference between winning and loosing at backgammon?

The end of backgammon is to play your own blots in the inner field, while your opponent has not yet played his own blots. If this is achieved by a clever game, you win a game. In addition to the luck of the dice, you should also follow a backgammon tactic. Be it blocking your own inner field, hitting your opponent frequently or following the dice theory.

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Why is tactics important?

Going into a game without a tactic gives the opponent a higher chance to win. Often the tactics can be based on the dice combinations. If the right dice combinations do not come up, the best tactic is of no use, but nevertheless, filling relevant spikes can make a significant difference in the game.

How can you practice winning backgammon?

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Mit einem Online Backgammon gegen den Computer Backgammon trainieren

The difference between a beginner and a professional is the frequent training and experience. Therefore it makes sense to play the game more often to gain experience. If you don’t have a playing partner, it is possible to use an application, for example on your smartphone, to train.

There are backgammon applications with artificial intelligence, which can adjust the playing strength. You can also learn which moves work better in which cases with the help of tips. It is also possible to play backgammon as a single player against the computer in the browser, so also offers free online backgammon in the browser.

If you want to play backgammon online against real backgammon opponents, it is possible to prove your skills in an online backgammon room.

Where can you practice backgammon?

If you want to learn backgammon, the introduction is often quite fast. However, understanding the game and mastering it takes time and requires a lot of practice. In the overview of different online backgammon rooms, you can choose a service that gives you credit at the beginning. Alternatively, it is possible to use a backgammon trainer in the form of a smartphone app to train your own skills.

It is also possible to book an online course such as the Backgammon Masterclass, which takes your skills to the next level.

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