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Backgammon Brett mit Würfeln
Backgammon board with dice

Backgammon is a game that does not require much money or stake to play. However, backgammon is often offered online for a fee – accordingly, there is also the desire to play backgammon for free. The regular backgammon game does not cost anything, you can buy or borrow a backgammon wooden game or a backgammon case and play with friends or acquaintances.

Free culture – how does this work in backgammon?

Backgammon is an ancient game, because of the use of two dice it is often associated with gambling. At the same time the probability of dice in combination with the betting of blots can be calculated. Thus the free culture, for example in Free Backgammon, is only partially given in the game. Every gaming provider has an interest in maximizing profits by providing the gaming platform and as an independent third party for the administration, acceptance and payout of the stakes. A free game or a stake, which is initially made available to the player free of charge, thus has the purpose of facilitating the entry into the platform. Independently of this, however, there is the possibility for the players to make use of this and to use the free stake upon registration.

Backgammon Free in the sense of Free

A free game is only possible if you are willing to provide certain data for registration at the beginning. The gaming platforms usually ask for e-mail address and credit card information to be able to pay back winnings or collect fees during the game.

Free game with play stake

A free game of backgammon is therefore possible in online backgammon, if you keep the stakes low and, for example, have a similarly strong game with friends. This way the stake is shared between the players.

However, if you want to play online backgammon for money, the bonus you get at the beginning is a way to build up and increase this capital.


Backgammon Spiel online starten

The display which is available in the Gameduell account, for example, shows the various possibilities of placing a bet within a game and thus playing the game for money.

Doubling cube to make a profit

The doubling cube is a method of doubling the bet already placed. This move is available to any player at any point in the game. For example, if a player wants to see his bet doubled and thus his winnings, he can offer the cube to the other player. The other player has the chance to accept the double and somti make the game more valuable, or reject it. This would be tantamount to giving up the game. If the player accepts the double, he has the opportunity to double the stake again. The numbers on the dice are 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, so it is possible to win a maximum of 64 times the stake of a game, provided both players call this way. At the same time, however, the doubling cube is also a risk of losing a multiple of the original bet.

You want to play online backgammon for free and are still looking for a suitable backgammon room or provider?

Play online backgammon for free now

Play HTML5 Backgammon online for free

Online Backgammon spielen

If you want to learn backgammon for free and play online in your browser, you can use the HTML5 Backgammon game on Backgammon Master. This game is free and designed to be played in modern browsers without special plugins such as Flash. With the free HTML5 Backgammon game it is possible to play against the computer or in pairs in the browser, for example on a tablet or smartphone.

Play free backgammon in HTML5 online backgammon now

Online Backgammon gegen echte Gegner spielen
Play online backgammon against real opponents – lucky dice is also part of it

Why is the online backgammon in the browser of provided free of charge? The game was not only programmed for the website Backgammon-Meister, so it can be bought online as a product and integrated into any game website. We, the makers of Backgammon Meister, are enthusiastic about the game of backgammon, which is why we created this website and also provide free tips and information about the game. The site uses affiliate links, which, if used, mean a small consideration. Since the operation and maintenance of this website pays off because of the affiliate links, this game was bought and is now available to all visitors free of charge. The backgammon game does not cost the player anything, only once a like is asked for on Facebook or Twitter – then you get the link and can play it as often as you want and free of charge in your browser to practice backgammon, or simply because you find it fun. The free backgammon game is suitable as a trainer at the beginning, the difficulty level is deliberately not too difficult to find an easy start. If you want to play against stronger opponents, a trainer in a backgammon app, or play online backgammon against real opponents is recommended.

Play Backgammon at Gameduell

Playing backgammon is very easy and you can register with the provider Gameduell in just a few steps. Afterwards different possible game partners are displayed on the portal and you can filter the games. Either you start a game yourself and wait for an opponent, or you choose a suitable game with the appropriate stake yourself.

Many providers offer a starting bonus with which you can play your first games. At Gameduell, registration costs nothing.

Register now for free at Gameduell

Free Backgammon – free playing

Backgammon Brett mit Würfeln
Backgammon board with dice

When looking for Free Backgammon, this refers to free play – that is, playing without wagering or fees. This is because there are a few platforms that take money to provide backgammon infrastructure and players are looking for a way to play a game without fees. This is possible on other platforms, for example if you create a new account, receive a starting bonus and then do not bet large amounts of money but cents. It is not always easy to find suitable opponents, but it is not impossible – especially if you want to play with friends, this method is suitable – because you can choose the player directly.

Play Backgammon online without money

Backgammon is an ancient game that can now be played online with and without money. For decades it was possible to play backgammon for a stake. Not for nothing is there the doubling cube, which allows you to double, quadruple, eightfold etc – as long as you have enough money left to cover the stake.

If you play in real life, for example with a wooden backgammon case or a real tournament case, the stake is freely selectable – also in online games – but you don’t know your opponent – you can only calculate your own chances based on the dice theory. If you want to play online without money, platforms such as Gameduell are suitable – which with the starting bonus do not allow you to use your own money at first.

Similar to other games for money, this is also possible online with Backgammon. What you should consider when playing backgammon for money and how this works is described here: Playing backgammon for money

Play free backgammon online in your browser

How does the free online backgammon game work? There are often applications in the internet browser that use either Flash, Java or HTML5 with Javascript to control the order and flow of the game. This allows two remote players to communicate with each other and know when it is the turn of each player.

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Free Backgammon – play free backgammon

Already the pharaoh Tutankhamun is said to have played backgammon, but not online 😉 A free backgammon game is often searched for on the internet, but this is not a physical game, but a possibility to play online against other opponents. Usually there are different providers of platforms, which make it possible to play against each other.

🎲 Where can you play backgammon for free?

There are a number of backgammon providers, for example Stargames, GammonEmpire, PartyGammon or the platform of Gameduell. The providers speak of backgammon rooms, because there are different types of games and you can choose a room depending on the type. In addition, there is the skill of the individual players, which can vary greatly.

💳 Do I need credit card information for registration?

When registering on well-known backgammon platforms, you usually don't need a payment method, because you get a bonus at the beginning, which you can use to play yourself afterwards. Only if you want to play more games on the platform with real money, you usually need a way to refill your account. This can be done by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

❓ What free backgammon games are there?

Beside the well-known online platforms like Gameduell there are also backgammon games that you can play for free. For example GnuBG as open source Backgammon with Machine Learning, Lord of the Boards at Facebook or Dailygammon. also offers a free HTML5 browser version of backgammon, where you can practice playing against the computer.

Play similar multiplayer games for free

Besides Backgammon there are other board games and card games that you can play for free in multiplayer mode like Mahjong, Yatzy or Bubble Shooter. Backgammon, on the other hand, has its own special charm, e.g. the Classic Backgammon because of the strategy, which, coupled with the dice, allows an exciting sequence in the game.

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