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Backgammon World Champions

The Backgammon World Champions since 1967 in tabular form. It is listed when the tournament took place, where it was played and from which country the winner came.

2019Monte CarloEli RoymiIsrael
2018Monte CarloAkiko YazawaJapan
2017Monte CarloDidier AssarafFrankreich
2016Monte CarloJörgen GranstedtSchweden
2015Monte CarloAli Cihangir CetinelTürkei
2014Monte CarloAkiko YazawaJapan
2013Monte CarloVyacheslav PryadkinUkraine
2012Monte CarloNevzat DoganDänemark
2011Monte CarloTakumitsu SuzukiJapan
2010Monte CarloLars BentzonDänemark
2009Monte CarloMasayuki MochizukiJapan
2008Monte CarloLars TraboltDänemark
2007Monte CarloJorge PanArgentinien
2006Monte CarloPhilip VischjagerNiederlande
2005Monte CarloDennis CarlstonUSA
2004Monte CarloPeter HallbergDänemark
2003Monte CarloJon Kristian RøysetNorwegen
2002Monte CarloMads AndersenDänemark
2001Monte CarloJörgen GranstedtSchweden
2000Monte CarloKatie ScalamandreUSA
1999Monte CarloJörgen GranstedtSchweden
1998Monte CarloMichael MeyburgDeutschland
1997Monte CarloJerry GrandellSchweden
1996Monte CarloDavid NahmadMonaco
1995Monte CarloDavid Ben-ZionIsrael
1994Monte CarloFrank FrigoUSA
1993Monte CarloPeter Jes ThomsenDänemark
1992Monte CarloIon RessuRumänien
1991Monte CarloMichael MeyburgDeutschland
1990Monte CarloHal HeinrichKanada
1989Monte CarloJoe RussellUSA
1989Monte CarloHal HeinrichMonaco
1988Monte CarloPhilipp MarmorsteinBRD
1987Monte CarloBill RobertieUSA
1986Monte CarloClement PalacciItalien
1985Monte CarloCharles-Henri SabetItalien
1984Monte CarloMike SvobodnyUSA
1983Monte CarloBill RobertieUSA
1982Monte CarloJacques MichelSchweiz
1981Monte CarloLee GenudUSA
1980Monte CarloWalter CoratellaMexiko
1979Monte CarloLuigi VillaItalien
1978BahamasPaul MagrielUSA
1977BahamasKen GoodmanUSA
1976BahamasBaron Vernon BallUSA
1975BahamasBilly EisenbergUSA
1974Las VegasClaude BeerUSA
1973Las VegasCarol CrawfordUSA
1972Las VegasOswald JacobyUSA
1971Las VegasTim HollandUSA
1970keine Austragung
1969Las VegasAlice ToppingUSA
1968Las VegasTim HollandUSA
1967Las VegasTim HollandUSA

You can see here in the tabular form that the first backgammon tournaments were held in Las Vegas. Afterwards on the Bahamas and since then in Monte Carlo.

Backgammon tournaments are played on a high level – a backgammon strategy is inevitable – without dice theory and the necessary knowledge of the game you cannot win. One way to become nearly as good as the world champions is to attend the Backgammon Masterclass – but also when playing backgammon online, you can practice backgammon. Last but not least, backgammon online tournaments also offer the possibility to play backgammon for money, just like in big tournaments on location.

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