Learn Backgammon, play better and master the game

Learning backgammon is easy – mastering it takes time. Immerse yourself in the world of backgammon, a centuries-old game full of excitement and fun but also connected with strategy and tactics. We offer you well-founded information about the game, helpful information about backgammon world champions and books, help you master backgammon and make you a true backgammon master.

Backgammon is certainly one of the oldest and most popular games in the world. A dice and board game based on intelligence and strategy has always fascinated mankind.

The rules are simple and easy to understand, but the difficulty lies in the detail. The combination of luck and strategy makes the game incredibly varied and unique. The starting position or basic arrangement of the stones is the first requirement to play the game – the rules are explained simply and quickly and the game can begin. The game is fun for young and old and can be played digitally over the internet online or within backgammon apps on the smartphone and tablet.

How do you win at backgammon?

You are annoyed by the fact that you constantly lose in backgammon and would like to win once in a while? This is a topic that concerns beginners as well as advanced players – how can you win in backgammon, how much influence does the luck of the dice have and how much can you as a player influence by tactics and strategy but also dice theory. There are different strategies and relatively simple backgammon tips, which are easy to learn and apply. By playing backgammon frequently, for example online backgammon, you learn very quickly what works and where you can improve to master the game.

Learn how to win at Backgammon

Backgammon Strategy

Not only beginners but also experts or masters of backgammon depend on it. A suitable backgammon strategy has already given many a backgammon friend a wonderful game. Starting with the dice theory, it requires the application of rules to play successfully.
Learn more about backgammon strategies

Backgammon Masterclass

Backgammon Masterclass

Are you looking for information about the game of backgammon to understand how to improve your own game, win more often and thus master the game? You want to take your skills to the next level as fast as possible and need a mentor or coach? Use the Backgammon Masterclass to improve your backgammon know how.

Learn more about the Backgammon Masterclass

Backgammon books and resources

Backgammon can be learned in a short time, but a master or master needs a little more experience and knowledge. Backgammon books are ideal to get a deeper insight into the game.

We have collected the best and most comprehensive books that will make you a professional backgammon player. Starting with the backgammon structure, through different strategies, to a well thought-out game with consideration of the dice strategy and when to use the doubling cube correctly or when to refuse a double of the opponent. Learn more about backgammon books

The history of Backgammon

Backgammon Geschichte
Backgammon is a centuries old game

The history of backgammon goes back several centuries, it is a very old game. Originally, the game came from the Middle East and became famous all over the world. Over 5000 years ago the game was developed in Mesopotamia and then started its triumphal procession all over the world. But also variations like Tavla or Tavli were predecessors and have influenced the game.

The combination of luck and tactics, or dice theory, has captivated people all over the world and is still enjoyed by many people today.

Here you can learn more about the history of backgammon

Last but not least, all important backgammon terms are listed in the Backgammon Wiki and Glossary, in order to have an online reference book, if a term is not familiar anymore or if you want to orientate yourself in an online backgammon game, or if you want to play the well-known variation nackgammon.

Here you get an overview of the most common backgammon terms

Backgammon setup and rules

Backgammon Brett mit Würfeln
Backgammon Brett mit Würfeln

The rules of backgammon are usually quickly explained, but often you are looking for a reference book or instructions on how to play or control what. Rules of the game are important to ensure a fair game.

The backgammon structure is the basis for playing a successful game against each other. The checkers are distributed for each player and placed on the board. The doubling cube lies unused at the beginning, either next to the board or in the board visible to both players. Usually each player gets a pair of dice in his blot colour, but you can also play with a pair of dice.

But also variations of the backgammon game, such as nackgammon, have their appeal through a changed basic set-up and thus through a variation in the game.


Here you can learn more about backgammon rules and the backgammon structure

Backgammon cases and backgammon games made of wood

If you are interested in the historical game of Backgammon, you will enjoy stylishly designed wooden backgammon cases. These offer the possibility to play the game in your free time, in a café, on vacation or at home with friends and acquaintances without having a smartphone, tablet or PC at hand.

Backgammon games can be made of different materials (mother-of-pearl, wood, stone, alabaster), connoisseurs and enthusiasts appreciate a high quality game, which can also bring a great playing feeling through its haptic experience. Independent of this, you can also see the advantages of digital backgammon, so you can play it against the computer, or for example on the tablet against each other within the browser.


Play Backgammon online

Suitable opponents are not always easy to find, especially if you have already infected all your friends and family with your own backgammon enthusiasm. Or your friends and family do not play at the same level and you are looking for equal players who also enjoy playing backgammon at a higher level. A free browser backgammon is provided by backgammon-meister.de. Online backgammon allows you to play with and against real opponents. Not only for fun, but also for money or a stake you can play the game against each other online. The doubling cube is the instrument to achieve high winnings, if it is used correctly. Here you can learn more about how to play online backgammon

You already have experience in playing Backgammon and want to play against real opponents online? You know the rules and are looking for equal opponents?

Play online backgammon against real opponents

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