Backgammon History

Backgammon is one of the most popular games in the world today. Besides Backgammon, there are also alternatives which have a similar basic formation, such as Tavla or Tavli.

Backgammon Geschichte
Edmond Hoyle – He wrote the official rules for backgammon today

About 5,000 years ago this game developed in ancient Mesopotamia. From there the game idea spread out under multiple transformations. In the beginning it was called Tabulae or also Alea, or in the Arabic area Nard or Nardschir.

In 1743, the English game expert Edmond Hoyle wrote a brochure in which he described the rules of backgammon and thus established them. The Briton thus had a decisive influence on the game and ensured its further spread. Hardy Hübener wrote down a detailed history of backgammon, starting about 3500 years before Christ until today.

The balanced mixture of strategy (see dice theory) and luck (the dice are a random factor) as well as the speed in the sequence of moves makes backgammon interesting for beginners and professionals alike. In addition, backgammon is often played for a stake, for which the doubling cube is used, so there is also a financial incentive (if backgammon is played for money).

Playing online backgammon gives many people the chance to play against other opponents and find out how well you can play. A basic knowledge of backgammon and the existence of a backgammon strategy for the first games is useful.

You already have experience in playing Backgammon and want to play against real opponents online? You know the rules and are looking for equal opponents?

Play online backgammon against real opponents

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